Sunday, November 15, 2009

I forgot to update Sophia's 3 month stats

I also didn't do a weekly update last week. Remember I said last week was bad. But this week will be amazing, so I will not let these things slip by.

Anyhow, she had a 3 month appointment because we're doing the modified shot schedule. So anyways, I was excited to see what she weighed and such.
She was 16 pounds 9.7 oz. She was 26 inches long. And I can't remember the size of her head.

But basicly she's still holding the title of chubstar. And I love it! :-)

I have been working hard trying to catch more of her amazing smiles on camera. She just has no interest in giving it up. Not to mention that my camera has started to have an attitude and I get so frustrated with it each time I try to use it. I'll try again tomorrow though. In the mean time, trust me when I say she's still a very happy baby!

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