Thursday, October 29, 2009

October is almost over!

Only a few more days until October is behind us. Then we welcome November. The month that includes my favorite holiday; Thanksgiving.

Today Sophia was full of smiles. I took 82 pictures of her today!! I never want to forget these moments!

I don't have a fun story to tell, or anything good to put with these pictures today. I am far too tired. I need sleep!!

So enjoy:

And here is a nice close up of her beautiful face!!

Hopefully I will have gotten enough sleep so that I can actually write something next time. When exhaustion hits you it's difficult to do much of anything.

11 Weeks Old

Age - 11 Weeks

Weight - I did a ghetto weigh-in this afternoon and she's about 15.5 pounds according to that.

Height - She was 23.5 inches at her 2 month appointment. (haven't checked since)

Sleeping habit - Since the two day feeding fest at the end of last week. Sleep has been good to us. I find she's not much of a morning person....which is good because neither is her Mommy.

Eating habits - She is still a chunkster. As if you can't tell. So obviously she's still eating quite well!

Cutest Moment of the Week - The smiles she gives me when I go to her room to get her when she's been crying. Ugh. I just can't help but kiss her all over before I feed her.

Milestones - We're working on sitting up. We still have plenty of time. But it's something she seems to enjoy.

Firsts - In the past week she went to the pumpkin patch for the first time. She loved it. Well, that is if the word loved means slept right through it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One day she will sleep through the night.

I know the morning will come. The morning where I wake up and have instant worry that something is wrong. Something will have to be wrong because both Cody and I will have gotten an entire nights sleep.

But that morning may not come for quite some time. I consider it a small blessing in a way. I know that if I was used to her sleeping all night already, it would be even more painful when we go through a growth spurt.

Tonight Sophia decided she wanted to start sleeping earlier. She fell asleep at about 8 pm. I took her cue and swaddled her and put her to bed. I've been on guard for the past three hours. Expecting that soon she will wake up and want to eat. I couldn't sleep because I didn't want to be woken up a few minutes later because little miss was hungry.

She did wake up, but because she un-swaddled herself. I heard her making tiny sounds, talking to herself. But decided not to check on her until she started crying. I mean after all, she could put herself back to sleep and who was I to interfere with that?

She eventually made it clear that wasn't going to happen. She was now awake enough to want to eat. But being the mommy I am I make her work for her supper. So I required a smile. She was so happy to see her Mommy that she obliged.

We had to change PJ's due to...well that's not important. But we changed pajamas, and because she wanted to talk away I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Her arms are already filling these out, so while they are more intended to be worn in the winter, I seriously doubt when winter comes she will still fit these.

I will be able to order the picture magnets soon. I am very excited!! A girl that used to make all of the magnets for us is going to do the photoshop part (adding the wording, playing with color). She no longer makes the magnets but I can upload the finished pictures to a website that will put it together for me. I'm very excited!!

Hopefully Sophia will start giving more and more smiles so we can go ahead and set up the appointment with the photographer and get our holiday pictures done. I am so excited for it!!

Sophia is now asleep on my lap, so I'm going to put her in her crib and head to bed.

A Peace Offering

I was a bad Mommy blogger yesterday. I know it! But today I will make up for it by showing some new Sophia video's to you all. Anyone that has ever met a Schrock knows that we enjoy taking pictures and video's endlessly. You are lucky to be reading a blog that only showcases a few pictures at a time and not hours and hours of pictures.
So here are some video's for you to enjoy! (I talk too close to the camera, and so it's loud, you MAY not want to have your speakers up high!)

So the first video is my little bobble head:

I took some video of Sophia sitting in her bumbo, and some during play time. But I think both of those are simply videos for her Mommy and Daddy to enjoy.

This next video is of Sophia talking to us. We all lay in bed after bath time and talk. It's time that the TV is off, the music is off, the white noise is's time for us. I personally look forward to this time of the night every day. Not only does she show off her skills of talking (and usually smiling more than she was tonight) but I can tell she gets more alert, she can focus more, she pays more attention. I know that her skills are being pushed to develop and it makes me very proud!

So here's the babbling video:

And this final video is just for you to see what typical conversation is during this time. I call this Cody's scary interrogator voice. Normally this yields much better results than it did tonight. I think she may have tired of the camera after all the videos and pictures we did today.

We tired poor Sophia out tonight. And I took this picture right before I swaddled her and put her in her crib for the night. I hate to brag on beautiful Sophia, but will you take a look at those lashes! Whew!

Every day I'm amazed. She takes so much in and she is able to figure so much out. Sometimes I catch her in her swing looking at her mobile and just smiling away, other times you have to really work to get a smile out of her. I believe it's just her personality coming through. Doing things her way, and on her terms.

I would however appreciate it if her terms also meant a shifted sleep schedule that allowed Mommy to get longer cycles of sleep. But I know that will come.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!!

Today Cody and I went on the hunt for pumpkin carving kits. Who knew it was going to be so insane! Two walmarts, Target, Toys R Us, Halloween store, and finally a K-Mart. We drove all around town and everyone was SOLD OUT! The HORROR! We had to have a kit, there was no way our pumpkins would be any more than some triangles with out one! We finally found a place that had one, and we picked up two and headed home! When Sophia went down for a nap we got started.

My pattern was a skull, with a pretty low difficulty level. Cody chose a pattern with a rating of 3 out of 4 pumpkins in difficulty.

Currently Cody's pumpkin still isn't finished, so I don't have any finished product pictures. And in all fairness, I won't post pictures of his until it IS finished.

But I have no problem posting pictures of mine since it IS done (and I think it looks great!!)

I also took pictures of our little pun'kin dressed as a pumpkin, sitting next to my pumpkin. :-)

We also tried out the new size of the pj's from last week! And SCORE these looked so much better!!!

This is the last week of October, so don't be surprised if the pictures this week all have Sophia wearing her Halloween clothes! We also saw an adorable Thanksgiving onesie that Sophia will have in November! It's exciting to have a whole month for her to wear festive clothes! Too bad Valentines Day comes in the middle of the February!! :-)

Sophia's first trip to the pumpkin patch.

Our little pun'kin had her first trip to the Pumpkin patch yesterday. Obviously she didn't get the chance to take much in. Cody and I picked out her mini-pumpkin and larger pumpkins for ourselves, and as we did that we talked about next year at the patch. About watching Sophia picking out her pumpkin. About the excitement she would have on this family tradition. I think I'll need a video camera before next year!

We picked out two larger pumpkins for us to carve, and then we picked out three small pumpkins.

Kim was kind enough to take a family picture of us, this doesn't happen often obviously:

And here's Sophia with her Daddy:

And a shot with her Mommy:

It was a really great day! Today Cody and I are going to carve our pumpkins and I'm sure there will be more pictures!!

Edit! I forgot to add that our chunkstars "first halloween" onesie was a tad too small!!! WE bought it a month ago, and when we put it on her yesterday it was TIGHT! But I had my mind made up that she WOULD wear it! SO she did. And I'll be the first too admit it looked a little silly. She jusr grows too fast!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

10 Weeks Old (ok 10 weeks and two days)

I picked this up from some other mommy's that I know that blog. I am going to try to remember to do this weekly.

Age - 10 weeks 2 days

Weight - 15 ish pounds.

Height - She was 23.5 inches at her 2 month appointment.

Sleeping habit - Oh dear. Sleep. That thing that seems to escape us if she doesn't meet with it at just the right moment. Until this week she was sleeping for 5 hours and then taking a bottle and sleeping for a few more hours, a bottle and then sleeping for a few more hours. Now, it's a 2 hour fight to get her to sleep, then she wakes up at least once more during the night to eat. Gotta love a growth spurt!

Eating habits - We're in the middle of a growth spurt. She hate 8 6oz bottles in 12 hours. Do the math. It's A LOT of formula!! We give her a bottle with rice cereal in it at her first feeding in the night. At first we were giving it to her in her last bottle before bed and her first night bottle, but it made no difference in how long she slept after she first went to bed.

Cutest Moment of the Week - The smiles. The melt your heart turn you into goo smiles. It melts me to the core.

Milestones - We survived a "wonder week" and were shuttled right into a growth spurt. I still have all my hair, I consider THAT a milestone. But in reality this past week she's smiled a big smile for the first time (and I was able to get one on camera) and she put herself to sleep (this was during the one and a half day break between WW and GS)

Firsts - I think I covered these in milestones. Her big goofy smile, and putting herself to sleep (once).

What a day!

Growth Spurt. For those with babies those two words will bring forth a knowing look of compassion. Seriously, it's exhausting. In 12 hours Sophia drank 8 bottles, each containing 6 oz. Do the math. She ate ALL.DAY.LONG.

We moved up a diaper size today, really this shift should have happened days ago, maybe even a week ago. But I wasn't really paying attention to the diaper sizing and it wasn't until some unfortunate potty accidents that I realized that the size one's were no longer working out for her. So now we're on to size twos (which I guess I should have moved to 3 pounds ago!!).

It's very difficult to get good pictures in the midst of a growth spurt period. All Sophia does is eat, sleep a little (Very little actually) and act generally fussy.

I did get some good pictures tonight after we got home from dinner with the Brokaw's and Sophia got a bath.

I was really hoping we would get some good smiling pictures in her Halloween PJ's. But we still have a week to work on that. They may get washed and worn every day for the next week just to try to get a good picture, but that's ok!!

This picture just goes to show that A) She's adorable even when she's upset. B) Cody never stops trying to entertain. C) Our dog has to be RIGHT THERE all the time (jealousy)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yesterday was a busy day

Sophia had a good day. Her and I went to a meeting of the wives of the company (FRG for those that know). She was great, everyone paid lots of attention to her, which she loved!

Last night however was a mess. I got no nightly pictures. In reality I got no sleep. It's been rough. I think we got a day and a half break from wonder week just to start another growth spurt. Yay (note sarcasm).

It does help that she can smile now, so at least after eating ever 2 hours she can give me a huge does make things a little easier.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can I direct your attention to this beautiful smile!?

Sophia was drinking a bottle while I was writing my last blog when she was done she decided it was time to share her smile with the world. So I took some pictures, of course she's super tired so she went from happy to upset in no time at all But at least this time Mommy caught the happy pictures and I am so excited to share them with you!

Is today already over?!

I am shocked by how fast today flew by. It started with a mini-diaper disaster (a major one if you ask Cody). Then it went on to be a good day for Sophia. She is feeling better, and it seems as though the moment I found out she was having a "wonder week" she started nearing the end of said week. Which is good for all of us. She put herself to sleep three times today. Two times for a nap and once for bed (although that's a different story). I look at her in total amazement of what she's accomplished in her short little life. And I love knowing that there's so much to come...and this time I won't miss it. This time I'll try to make sure there are no regrets.

I said I was going to talk about 2 things. I can only remember one, and I don't feel like looking back. It was our weekend plans. We're going to the pumpkin patch this weekend! I am so excited! We waited really late, mostly because Cody wanted to do it the weekend before Halloween. I'm worried there won't be any good pumpkins, but what do either one of us know? We've never been to a pumpkin patch before. Which is exactly the reason why I want this to be a yearly tradition for us. When I was a youngin' things like pumpkin patches didn't happen. I look back at my childhood and not a lot of traditions stand out. The ones that do I cherish (for instance putting up Christmas lights listening to my dad sing along with the Christmas songs on the radio). I want my children to look back on their childhoods and be reminded of the times we did things as a family, the memories we created, the fun things they got to do and experience. Oh now I remember, I wanted to talk about the fun things I want Sophia to experience. But that will have to wait until tomorrow now. Hopefully I remember.

So for todays picture Sophia found something very funny...probably Rocky.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So this seems to be called a "Wonder Week"

First of all thank you to Lauren for finding this link about wonder weeks. I was trying to figure out why Sophia has had a total shift in behavior over the past week. Her son Nathan seems to be going through the same thing, and since they are the same age she figured there had to be a reason. She did a little googling and found it. It seems to majorly explain so much. Why Sophia never wants to sleep, and will fight it ALL DAY LONG. It also suggests a book about wonder weeks, which I plan on checking the library for. I'd like to be better prepared/educated on these since there seem to be many of them in our future.

I also have decided to write the blogs at night now because I take pictures after bath time almost every night, this way I can post them after she's gone to bed. It's a shame that Daddy wasn't home for tonight's photoshoot, but I'll have to try to get pictures of the two of them tomorrow. After all, what the sleeper says is SO TRUE!

Tomorrow I want to make sure to write about our weekend plans (pumpkin patch YAY) and the list of things that I want Sophia to experience. I'm putting this here because Mommy Brain causes me to draw a blank and hopefully this will serve as a reminder!

Mommy needs better timing.

After Sophia's huge first smile yesterday I have been trying like crazy to get a picture of it. It's such a beautiful smile, and I'd love to share it with everyone. but I don't have the greatest timing. Seriously. Here's the best shot of the smile (and it's not a good shot, I understand that)

It was taken last night at the tail end of the smile because I wasn't fast enough. Shame on Mommy!

Tonight I decided to try again, plus I wanted to take a few pictures in her adorable pumpkin onesie, it's so fitting because we call her our little pumpkin. Today she got to dress like one. So here's the best smile shot, but again, it just goes to show I need to work on my timing.

So not only are the two pictures I have unable to really show the world her beautiful smile, but they are both blurry. Major fail on my part!

Sophia is having a rough time with naps lately, actually sleeping in general. She fights it with all her might, and in general just really would rather be awake taking in the world. Adding on to this her attachment to her paci it's a full day work trying to get her to sleep and then stay asleep. The moment she falls asleep and her paci falls out, she's awake. She and the cycle begins again. I am hoping this is just a stage for her sake....I can tell she's a super sleepy baby!

It's time now to get her bottle ready and the bath water drawn.

Monday, October 19, 2009

These Long Johns make me sad!

First off let me say that I had been wanting these long-johns for Sophia over a month. But I wasn't sure what size to get that she would get the most wear out of them. So I decided on the 3-6 month size. She's out of over half of her 0-3 month clothes, and I figured the 3-6 would give us a couple months of wear at least. Boy oh boy was I wrong wrong wrong!

Last night fresh out of her bath I decided to put Sophia in her long-johns. As I was putting her legs in I was slapped with the realization that my chunky monkey wouldn't be wearing these adorable long johns for a couple months, in fact if she manages to still fit them in four weeks I'll be shocked!!

The snugness that they are supposed to have is already bordering on tight. I will have to head back to the store today to see about getting them in 6-9 month. My little chunkster NEEDS these you see! :-)

Mommy and Sophia before bedtime.

Of course we have to get Daddy cuddle time in there too.

UPDATE: So I went to get more, and they don't even MAKE 6-9 month. It's 3-6, 9-12, and something to 18. I got her the 9-12 because I figure if they are small like I feel the 3-6 is she'll still be able to wear it this winter. Silly clothes makers.

First Blog of "Charmingly Chandler"

There's a funny story about why I used the word Charming in the blog title. But sadly it would take too long to really explain, and so know you just need to know there is a reason, a good one, and it's funny. :-)

I am going to attempt to keep this blog up to date with the Chandler happenings, at least what I can tell you of the events of the Chandler house.

I have debated on if I am going to move over things from the Shutterfly profile I've been using, or if I will keep them both up and running. I am going to go with both, at least for now. I don't want to abandon that site as it is so great for our families to be able to easily see/order pictures whenever they would like. But I wanted to be able to have a place where I could merge pictures and stories into one post. I don't want to forget anything about these moments in our family, they are going by so so quickly.

I am going to work on a new fun layout, I don't know if I'll attempt to make it on my own in photoshop or if I'll get one off the internet. But I am going to try to make this as attractive as possible in hopes that it keeps my attention longer than the blogs of my blogger past. :-)

Right now Sophia is napping on my chest, in her adorable pink and brown polka-dotted long johns. There is a post about them coming up stay tuned!
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