Monday, October 19, 2009

First Blog of "Charmingly Chandler"

There's a funny story about why I used the word Charming in the blog title. But sadly it would take too long to really explain, and so know you just need to know there is a reason, a good one, and it's funny. :-)

I am going to attempt to keep this blog up to date with the Chandler happenings, at least what I can tell you of the events of the Chandler house.

I have debated on if I am going to move over things from the Shutterfly profile I've been using, or if I will keep them both up and running. I am going to go with both, at least for now. I don't want to abandon that site as it is so great for our families to be able to easily see/order pictures whenever they would like. But I wanted to be able to have a place where I could merge pictures and stories into one post. I don't want to forget anything about these moments in our family, they are going by so so quickly.

I am going to work on a new fun layout, I don't know if I'll attempt to make it on my own in photoshop or if I'll get one off the internet. But I am going to try to make this as attractive as possible in hopes that it keeps my attention longer than the blogs of my blogger past. :-)

Right now Sophia is napping on my chest, in her adorable pink and brown polka-dotted long johns. There is a post about them coming up stay tuned!

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