Monday, October 19, 2009

These Long Johns make me sad!

First off let me say that I had been wanting these long-johns for Sophia over a month. But I wasn't sure what size to get that she would get the most wear out of them. So I decided on the 3-6 month size. She's out of over half of her 0-3 month clothes, and I figured the 3-6 would give us a couple months of wear at least. Boy oh boy was I wrong wrong wrong!

Last night fresh out of her bath I decided to put Sophia in her long-johns. As I was putting her legs in I was slapped with the realization that my chunky monkey wouldn't be wearing these adorable long johns for a couple months, in fact if she manages to still fit them in four weeks I'll be shocked!!

The snugness that they are supposed to have is already bordering on tight. I will have to head back to the store today to see about getting them in 6-9 month. My little chunkster NEEDS these you see! :-)

Mommy and Sophia before bedtime.

Of course we have to get Daddy cuddle time in there too.

UPDATE: So I went to get more, and they don't even MAKE 6-9 month. It's 3-6, 9-12, and something to 18. I got her the 9-12 because I figure if they are small like I feel the 3-6 is she'll still be able to wear it this winter. Silly clothes makers.

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