Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mommy needs better timing.

After Sophia's huge first smile yesterday I have been trying like crazy to get a picture of it. It's such a beautiful smile, and I'd love to share it with everyone. but I don't have the greatest timing. Seriously. Here's the best shot of the smile (and it's not a good shot, I understand that)

It was taken last night at the tail end of the smile because I wasn't fast enough. Shame on Mommy!

Tonight I decided to try again, plus I wanted to take a few pictures in her adorable pumpkin onesie, it's so fitting because we call her our little pumpkin. Today she got to dress like one. So here's the best smile shot, but again, it just goes to show I need to work on my timing.

So not only are the two pictures I have unable to really show the world her beautiful smile, but they are both blurry. Major fail on my part!

Sophia is having a rough time with naps lately, actually sleeping in general. She fights it with all her might, and in general just really would rather be awake taking in the world. Adding on to this her attachment to her paci it's a full day work trying to get her to sleep and then stay asleep. The moment she falls asleep and her paci falls out, she's awake. She and the cycle begins again. I am hoping this is just a stage for her sake....I can tell she's a super sleepy baby!

It's time now to get her bottle ready and the bath water drawn.

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