Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So this seems to be called a "Wonder Week"

First of all thank you to Lauren for finding this link about wonder weeks. I was trying to figure out why Sophia has had a total shift in behavior over the past week. Her son Nathan seems to be going through the same thing, and since they are the same age she figured there had to be a reason. She did a little googling and found it. It seems to majorly explain so much. Why Sophia never wants to sleep, and will fight it ALL DAY LONG. It also suggests a book about wonder weeks, which I plan on checking the library for. I'd like to be better prepared/educated on these since there seem to be many of them in our future.

I also have decided to write the blogs at night now because I take pictures after bath time almost every night, this way I can post them after she's gone to bed. It's a shame that Daddy wasn't home for tonight's photoshoot, but I'll have to try to get pictures of the two of them tomorrow. After all, what the sleeper says is SO TRUE!

Tomorrow I want to make sure to write about our weekend plans (pumpkin patch YAY) and the list of things that I want Sophia to experience. I'm putting this here because Mommy Brain causes me to draw a blank and hopefully this will serve as a reminder!

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  1. Cute sleeper! The baby wearing it is even cuter ;)


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