Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One day she will sleep through the night.

I know the morning will come. The morning where I wake up and have instant worry that something is wrong. Something will have to be wrong because both Cody and I will have gotten an entire nights sleep.

But that morning may not come for quite some time. I consider it a small blessing in a way. I know that if I was used to her sleeping all night already, it would be even more painful when we go through a growth spurt.

Tonight Sophia decided she wanted to start sleeping earlier. She fell asleep at about 8 pm. I took her cue and swaddled her and put her to bed. I've been on guard for the past three hours. Expecting that soon she will wake up and want to eat. I couldn't sleep because I didn't want to be woken up a few minutes later because little miss was hungry.

She did wake up, but because she un-swaddled herself. I heard her making tiny sounds, talking to herself. But decided not to check on her until she started crying. I mean after all, she could put herself back to sleep and who was I to interfere with that?

She eventually made it clear that wasn't going to happen. She was now awake enough to want to eat. But being the mommy I am I make her work for her supper. So I required a smile. She was so happy to see her Mommy that she obliged.

We had to change PJ's due to...well that's not important. But we changed pajamas, and because she wanted to talk away I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Her arms are already filling these out, so while they are more intended to be worn in the winter, I seriously doubt when winter comes she will still fit these.

I will be able to order the picture magnets soon. I am very excited!! A girl that used to make all of the magnets for us is going to do the photoshop part (adding the wording, playing with color). She no longer makes the magnets but I can upload the finished pictures to a website that will put it together for me. I'm very excited!!

Hopefully Sophia will start giving more and more smiles so we can go ahead and set up the appointment with the photographer and get our holiday pictures done. I am so excited for it!!

Sophia is now asleep on my lap, so I'm going to put her in her crib and head to bed.

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  1. It will happen, promise! And then, it will stop and you'll have to start over... and then again. I feel your pain, I literally just posted about this the other day. Good luck and hang in there!!! ~Leenie


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