Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Peace Offering

I was a bad Mommy blogger yesterday. I know it! But today I will make up for it by showing some new Sophia video's to you all. Anyone that has ever met a Schrock knows that we enjoy taking pictures and video's endlessly. You are lucky to be reading a blog that only showcases a few pictures at a time and not hours and hours of pictures.
So here are some video's for you to enjoy! (I talk too close to the camera, and so it's loud, you MAY not want to have your speakers up high!)

So the first video is my little bobble head:

I took some video of Sophia sitting in her bumbo, and some during play time. But I think both of those are simply videos for her Mommy and Daddy to enjoy.

This next video is of Sophia talking to us. We all lay in bed after bath time and talk. It's time that the TV is off, the music is off, the white noise is's time for us. I personally look forward to this time of the night every day. Not only does she show off her skills of talking (and usually smiling more than she was tonight) but I can tell she gets more alert, she can focus more, she pays more attention. I know that her skills are being pushed to develop and it makes me very proud!

So here's the babbling video:

And this final video is just for you to see what typical conversation is during this time. I call this Cody's scary interrogator voice. Normally this yields much better results than it did tonight. I think she may have tired of the camera after all the videos and pictures we did today.

We tired poor Sophia out tonight. And I took this picture right before I swaddled her and put her in her crib for the night. I hate to brag on beautiful Sophia, but will you take a look at those lashes! Whew!

Every day I'm amazed. She takes so much in and she is able to figure so much out. Sometimes I catch her in her swing looking at her mobile and just smiling away, other times you have to really work to get a smile out of her. I believe it's just her personality coming through. Doing things her way, and on her terms.

I would however appreciate it if her terms also meant a shifted sleep schedule that allowed Mommy to get longer cycles of sleep. But I know that will come.

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