Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!!

Today Cody and I went on the hunt for pumpkin carving kits. Who knew it was going to be so insane! Two walmarts, Target, Toys R Us, Halloween store, and finally a K-Mart. We drove all around town and everyone was SOLD OUT! The HORROR! We had to have a kit, there was no way our pumpkins would be any more than some triangles with out one! We finally found a place that had one, and we picked up two and headed home! When Sophia went down for a nap we got started.

My pattern was a skull, with a pretty low difficulty level. Cody chose a pattern with a rating of 3 out of 4 pumpkins in difficulty.

Currently Cody's pumpkin still isn't finished, so I don't have any finished product pictures. And in all fairness, I won't post pictures of his until it IS finished.

But I have no problem posting pictures of mine since it IS done (and I think it looks great!!)

I also took pictures of our little pun'kin dressed as a pumpkin, sitting next to my pumpkin. :-)

We also tried out the new size of the pj's from last week! And SCORE these looked so much better!!!

This is the last week of October, so don't be surprised if the pictures this week all have Sophia wearing her Halloween clothes! We also saw an adorable Thanksgiving onesie that Sophia will have in November! It's exciting to have a whole month for her to wear festive clothes! Too bad Valentines Day comes in the middle of the February!! :-)

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