Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sophia's first trip to the pumpkin patch.

Our little pun'kin had her first trip to the Pumpkin patch yesterday. Obviously she didn't get the chance to take much in. Cody and I picked out her mini-pumpkin and larger pumpkins for ourselves, and as we did that we talked about next year at the patch. About watching Sophia picking out her pumpkin. About the excitement she would have on this family tradition. I think I'll need a video camera before next year!

We picked out two larger pumpkins for us to carve, and then we picked out three small pumpkins.

Kim was kind enough to take a family picture of us, this doesn't happen often obviously:

And here's Sophia with her Daddy:

And a shot with her Mommy:

It was a really great day! Today Cody and I are going to carve our pumpkins and I'm sure there will be more pictures!!

Edit! I forgot to add that our chunkstars "first halloween" onesie was a tad too small!!! WE bought it a month ago, and when we put it on her yesterday it was TIGHT! But I had my mind made up that she WOULD wear it! SO she did. And I'll be the first too admit it looked a little silly. She jusr grows too fast!!

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