Saturday, November 28, 2009

What the Chandlers have been up to.


First it's not a good family fun activity. I remembered an hour into the project how much I hated painting. That it's not relaxing for me, at all! But the first coat is up. The living room, entry way, and hall way. Cody went to pick up another gallon of paint, and some lunch. And I'm here watching Sophia sleep. The paint is called "Oat Cake" it's a great living room color that will work out great when it's time for this house to be sold! The next large painting project will find me flipping through the yellow pages and making a call to someone that does painting as a job. Someone that can do it faster, and better than Cody and I can. :-)

This coming week Sophia and I are going to go Christmas Decoration Shopping! I am so excited! I LOVE decorating for the holidays! I guess we should throw away the pumpkins in front of the house huh? Gotta make room for the new decor!! As I already said Cody and I exchanged our major presents already! We are LOVING the new TV! We bought all the stuff we needed to hook the computer up to the TV so we can watch our TV shows on HULU on the TV. Plus I love surfing the internet on a bigger screen!

I'll post some pictures of the paint and stuff tonight. My camera is all the way over there (I'm nodding to the other side of the room just so you know!) and I am enjoying sitting while I can! Since when Cody comes home he'll crack the whip and it'll be time to paint again!!

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