Thursday, November 19, 2009

With a song in my heart....

That's what's gotten me through the day. Sophia was in quite a mood this evening. WOW! I know she's still feeling under the weather. And I'm sure she's at the end of her rope with me cleaning her nose out. But man, oh man. That little girl has found her lungs and wants the entire world to hear her unhappiness!! Not to mention dealing with just little things that weren't working out well today.

Cody and I have been trying to figure out what she is going to get for Christmas. It's difficult because you never really know what Santa is going to give her. So hopefully his elves are also playing spies and they are watching what Mommy and Daddy are ordering. :-) I know that this Christmas won't be a memorable one for her, but it will be for us. I've decided that the next child we have we are timing it better so that they are a little older for their first Christmas! We know that for Sophia it's just another day this year, and as long as she's fed and dry she'll be happy (well relatively happy anyways). But I still want to start the traditions that we'll have for years to come. Cody and I are horrible about waiting until Christmas to open our presents. In fact I don't think that we've ever opened presents ON Christmas. On Christmas Eve we've decided we're done waiting, and we open them all. I don't want that for Sophia necessarily. So we've talked about the "one present on Christmas Eve" rule. And what that present should be! We've toyed with the idea of something like a game that we can play as a family on Christmas Eve. We've also talked about Christmas Jammies. That way in the morning we can all open presents in our cute new Holiday Jammies. We've got a little while to decide. I think more than anything we want to start family traditions that we can all hold on to. I am excited for her to hang Christmas lights with her Daddy, and sing Christmas Carols while getting ready for the Holiday celebrations.

I love hearing about everyone's holiday traditions. I just heard from a friend of mine that when she was a little girl they put out orange wedges and milk for Santa. I mean it doesn't sound like the tastiest thing ever. But I'm sure Santa liked the break from the regular milk and cookies. Maybe we should leave bagel bites and milk out for Santa. :-)

I just want to build family memories that our children can look back on with a smile and tell fun stories about their childhood.

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