Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Would this be rude?

I have no problem with friends and family wanting to touch and cuddle my sweet pun'kin. But I do take issue with strangers feeling entitled to touching her everywhere we go. It is cold and flu season people!! She's already got a cold...BACK UP! At least hanging this sign will save me the time from telling each and every person not to touch her. I understand that babies are irresistible. She's got super chubby cheeks, adorable rolls on her arms and legs. She's the baby that people just want to touch and pinch. But I have no clue how people are so unable to control them selves that they can't take a moment to realize that this isn't a baby they know and she doesn't need their germy fingers all over her. I remmeber hearing once that there was a culture that believed that NOT touching a baby was bad form. Sophia and I don't want anyone to have bad luck. So for people that truly believe this, I would be willing to make a deal. If you touch her, and she gets sick, you can come to our house and help take care of her when she's up all hours of the night with a stuffy nose. It seems like a perfectly fair trade. I have no problem with our family and friends wanting to hold Sophia, touch her, & pinch her adorable cheeks (not to hard!). She is a beautiful baby if I say so myself. It's mostly the grubby strangers fingers that concern me.

On to other things, I cut my finger last night and because of this Sophia got to see what the inside of an ER looked like. I will be ok, but it does look quite disgusting. It is too deep for stitches, so it's bandaged and I have to wear a brace to keep my pinky straight so that it can heal. I also got a shot. Lovely. Thankfully Cody is around to help with baths and such so that I am not doing too much that can cause an infection!

I understand that you still have no pictures of Sophia and you are all feeling very disappointed. Petition to Santa to bring a new camera to the Chandler house! I get increasingly frustrated with my camera every day. It's inability to actually take a picture when I click the button is driving me crazy! I miss so many great pictures that I make the choice to put down the camera and enjoy the moments instead of capturing them with a photo. I know in 16 years when Sophia is a sassy teenager I will wish I took more pictures (does anyone ever feel satisfied with the amount of pictures they took??) of her as a baby. But it is what it is, and I haven't given up on the not-so-great camera!!!

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