Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little of this, a little of that...but all about Sophia.

I know you all miss your strictly Sophia updates. It's been difficult around here, that's the bottom line.

Sophia is teething. At first I wasn't sure. But it became increasingly more clear. I can't see any teeth. The moment anything comes anywhere near her face she wants to gnaw on it, and gnaw on it hard! I let her use my knuckle when all else fails, and I'm now just waiting for the day when there's something solid poking me instead of the gummy mouth that goes to town now. Sophia doesn't make looking for the buds of teeth easy, as I said she'd much rather chew on my finger than let it move her lip to investigate. So I wait. She's a little more needy these days, which I'm ok with. I missed her wanting to be held during her naps, so it's a nice change of pace. It does mean that I don't get to write updates as often. It also means that I don't have much time for things like cleaning and showering. Thankfully Cody has been doing what he can to help out.

Now on to the much dreaded schedule talk. I was on the boat of baby does what baby wants when baby wants to do it. But after realizing how miserable she was on the weekends when her surroundings were different and when we were on the go I decided that we needed to have some sort of schedule in place. And we should do our bed to follow it even when we were out of the house. I am still majorly taking her lead. But I'm keeping better track of her general time line, and I'm going to be making sure we follow it on the weekends and any other time we are out and about. I know that there is a whole camp of parents that strongly disagree with a schedule. But let me be clear, I am not keeping her from eating when she needs to eat, actually on the weekends she sleeps more in the car and ends up skipping a bottle and it ruins everything come the evening. So more than anything this is to insure that come Saturdays and Sundays that she's not sleeping TOO much and that she's not missing bottles because of sleep. Seems easy, but it is usually against all advice to ever wake a sleeping baby. I'm sure there will be some adaptions to this over the upcoming weeks and months. Especially with moving and how that will likely take it's toll on her schedule and her mood.

Sophia's started two new things this week. Well one new thing, and she's just getting better at the other. Her new thing is waving her paci in the air. She used to accidentally brush it out of her mouth, back when her hand coordination was minimal. But now she purposely takes it out. The downside: She can't figure out how to put it back in! So we spend quite a bit of time trying to keep her hands busy when it's wind down time. She knows she's the life of the party, and she knows the tricks that make her tired. She doesn't want to fall for any of it! Her next thing is rolling ALL OVER THE PLACE. Yesterday she rolled all over the living room, seriously just rolling and rolling until she was 8 ft away from where she started. It was one of the few things that made her happy during her crankiness yesterday so I didn't dare pick her up and bring her back to her starting position. With that she's really trying to figure out this whole knees thing. I am realizing that our time of having a stationary baby are quickly coming to an end, and that as soon as we move into the new house we should start on the baby proofing. Even through fully crawling may be a little bit out, I don't think it'll be long until she gets on her knees and inches her way to where she wants to be.

I haven't been weighing Sophia or doing her weekly updates. I've been slacking. But with the house hunting, the paperwork that went along with that, the teething, and the time Cody has had off....we've just been super busy. I will attempt to resume those next week, but if I don't get to it you can be sure it's because I was busy playing/entertaining wee Sophia. And I think that's a darn good reason to miss it! :-)

This picture isn't very good quality, but you can see she's SO HAPPY. Her grin in this picture makes my heart want to explode into a billion pieces. When she spends most of her day cranky lately, it's so great to see her so happy! And just so you know what you're looking at. Her starting point is where the brown couch pillow is. She actually ended up even farther than this picture shows..but she just kept rolling into the pinguin moving him across the room with her.

*I just looked posted and realize you can't really see her grin all that well on here. So you're going to have to trust me, she was a very happy baby!

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