Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Resoultions 1/3-1/9

Wow, I'm late with this. As I said before, weekends are not for blogging. We're busy people....we Charming Chandlers.

Ok so my new years resolutions are as follows (with a couple additions I didn't discuss before)

-Make one new recipe a week.
-Do one new thing a week.
-Pick up the pieces of "I just had a baby" and make sure I look presentable most of the time.

There was more, but I can't remember. No where did I say "Get in shape." "Lose 10 pounds" or "Visit one of the many wonders of the world."

So a weekly update.

I made a new dish. And it was delish! I have to credit my friend Amanda for giving me this recipe because it's so easy a cave man could do it! It was Chicken Chimi's.
Here's what you need:
Tortilla Shells
Chicken breast (we used 2.5 large ones)
Large can of Salsa

Preheat the oven to 350*. Then cook the chicken breast in butter and lemon (or EVOO and lemon, but use lemon...and use a lot of it.) After the chicken is cooked through shred the chicken apart and return to the pan, add salsa. There you have the inside of your chimi.

Oil the bottom of your baking dish with EVOO. Now roll the good stuff into the tortilla shells and place into the baking dish. Brush EVOO onto the tops of the chimi's and put in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Here's where you can have fun with your chimi's. You can put more salsa on top, shredded cheese, cheese dip...whatever you want. We used shredded cheese, but next time I think I'll use cheese dip.

The changes we made. We made yellow rice and mixed it in with the chicken and salsa. It was really good. Next time we might even add some shredded cheese to the mix before stuffing the chimi's.

I did something new. We put an offer on a house. Which I'd never done before. We were accepted. Both things I'd never done before. Two things in one week SCORE! (ok just one thing...whatever.

I pulled myself together. i made an effort twice when it would have made more sense for me not to. When it would have been logical to wear PJ's. Why you ask? Because I get spit up on during the day. Sophia is teething....and so there is drool all over my arms and my shoulders. Even when I wear jeans and a shirt, and I straighten my hair......even when I'm put together. I look a mess because I'm covered in Sophia. But I will keep trying. Because that's what matters. Even though by the end of a feed, or at the end of playing....I look a mess. At least I've tried.

Maybe I just need better looking PJ's. So that I can look put together with out having to wash all my normal clothes so much!

So there you have it. It's not really pretty...I guess I should work on that. Maybe next week the update will be more presentable!

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