Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wooosahhhhh Baby Steps

No not Sophia's baby steps. Thank goodness. I am not ready.

But our baby steps into home ownership. First there was the looking for the house. Then the pre-approval. Then finding a house we liked (which was actually a huge step). Then the first offer. The counter offer. The counter offer to the counter offer. The approved counter offer. And now the waiting. The waiting to see what the other possible buyers are going to do with their contingency offer.

Ohhhh the waiting.

They have 24 hours. Twenty four hours. That's all. I can stay sane for that long right? To know if we have to start the searching again, or if this is it. If this is our home. Our Home. Ours. The home Sophia will take her first steps in. The home where we are 110% responsible for all of it. The home where I will likely burn more dishes, and where we will make more memories. Memories that will be remembered by wee Sophia. And by wee future Charming Chandlers. This would be the house that we invest in. Ours.

But we have to wait to know for sure.

It's all just baby steps after all.

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