Thursday, February 11, 2010

All you need is love.

I am watching Sophia nap. She's on the floor, and after playing with her paci, talking to herself, and being an entertainment for me...she's now sleeping. And I wonder, what will she think about me when she's older.

It's a question that for 6 years I've given thought to. What sort of effect do we have on our children? What words do I want them to draw on when they are scared, lonely, tired, frustrated or just in need of wisdom when I am not able to give it to them?

I am far from a perfect mother. I do my best, as we all do (or we all should at least), but that doesn't mean we make the perfect decisions. So what do I want to pass on?

I guess that's what I want to pass on. That I have made, and will continue to make the best decisions I can at the time. With only the current knowledge I have at the time. Always keeping in mind that the choices I make today may not seem like the best choices 10 years from now.

But I have faith that decisions made from love are the right ones. Even if they aren't RIGHT, they are right. People know, your child knows.

And I guess that's those are the words that I want my children to have. When they are adolescents getting picked on in school, or teenagers going through the drama of teenage life, when they are lonely, tired, hurt, sad, frustrated...or a different once of the million emotions. I want them to know they are loved. Loved. That I love them.

Because in the darkest moments, that's what matters. Not being alone in the world. Being Loved.

I write letters. Some people post the letters they write online for everyone to see. But for years I've written letters. Some are for things I've done. Things I may do. Things I think. Things I feel. Things I want them to kn ow about me. The way that I feel about things. There are a lot of letters. I just hope that they express how much love I have.


  1. me too. I love the new look of the blog too!

  2. That is important. Be sure they KNOW you love them. Even when they don't make the choices you would like them to make. Even when they are scaring you to death because of those choices. In the end, it's the love that will always bring them back. I hope. That's what I'm clinging to. Have a great day!


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