Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Great great great recipe!

I (like so many others) am a huge fan of Pioneer Woman. (if you haven't heard of her, go and look around, just don't forget to read her love story!!)

Anyhow, I recently (last night) made a recipe that she posted a week or so ago. She has tons of great recipes on her website, but this one I decided I really HAD TO TRY.

First, let me say it was SO EASY! And the actual cooking time wasn't that long (Which is good since I don't start cooking dinner until about 7). There are some things I'll do differently next time I make it.

I'd add more tomato's to it. And more onion. But really, that's about it. It was amazing all on it's own. In fact now that I'm writing this I wish that I had some to eat. Or at least the sauce...oh the sauce. Oh yummy sauce.

Anyhow, you have to try it! (You do have to marinate it overnight. So plan ahead!)

Here's the recipe. Now go, and eat (and don't be thrown off by the name "butter chicken", the only butter you use is when you cook the onions!)

Butter Chicken

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