Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I traded one bad habit for another.

We've pretty much eliminated the swing from our day. I think it was the best thing we've done.

She seems HAPPIER.

But there is a downside. I end up holding her for all of her naps.

She will eventually fall asleep on her blanket, or in the crib...but its after grunting. And fussing. And so I pick her up. It's just easier. Faster even. But then I have to be quiet and stationary. This means NOTHING gets done.

The painters I was supposed to call? Didnt get it done.
The pedi appointment I was supposed to confirm? Didn't do it.
The packing I meant to do? Not done.

All the rest of her awake time we play. We sing. We read. We talk.

All that grown up stuff?? Not done. But we haven't used the swing.


  1. i feel you pain. the only way i could ever get little man to sleep during naps was in my arms or in his bouncer. i tried to wean him too and it was no fun for me or baby. i went back to the bouncer and the way i weaned him the second time was still let him fall asleep in the bouncer but then move him to his crib. this wasn't always easy but when he started to fall back asleep in his crib while moving him and waking up in it the bouncer slowly was removed from our lives. don't stress if your baby only sleeps in the swing this will pass quickly like most stages they go through. cute blog and thanks for following mine!

  2. Oh I definitely feel your pain. Thats a hard trait to break.

    Welcome to the Friday Follow. I'm your newest follower. So glad to have you with us. I'm way behind but here I am.



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