Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I just remembered this funny story.

I can laugh about this now because it happened a long time ago. It was the weekend Cody's parents were in town. The evening before we had gone to Jazz on the Lawn. It was a good time and when we got home we were so tired! SO TIRED! We weren't co-sleeping all night anymore, but after about 2 I'd bring her to bed and we'd sleep there. If Cody couldn't go back to sleep he'd go sleep in the other room.

We were organized back then (multiple middle of the night feedings hard at work!). We had a little bottle station set up on our room so I could quickly mix up a bottle. Water was already in there, just put the formula in and shake. Well something like that. You see the step I didn't just type had something to do with the CAP TO THE BOTTLE. Which was the same step I missed that night. The water was in there, the formula was in there...and I went to shake. It went everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I mean Sophia (who was actually in my lap on the bed) and I were covered. The bed was covered. Our headboard, the floor, the nightstand...I'm sure even the bedroom door had something in it. There was nothing IN the bottle.

So I carry Sophia (Covered in powder and water) into the room Cody was in and attempt to wake him up. I am trying to explain that there's a mess. A big mess. And he needs to wake up. But he's a hard sleeper, nothing wakes that man up. So he's asking a million questions. He doesn't know what's going on. Finally he goes "Why didn't you put the cap on?" Ummm....isn't that a million dollar question.

It paints a lovely picture. A very exhausted Cody, a very exhausted Alena. And lets not forget a very hungry Sophia. It's not an easy mess to clean up at 4 am. Some places just water. Some places powder. Some places a thick formula paste.

It was about this time that I stopped feeding Sophia in bed. I also give sole credit to this event for pushing me over the edge in my playing of "The Farmville".

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  1. ok, that's a legitimate reason to play farmville. I laughed out loud reading about your miss fortune. I did that one time too, thankfully it was in the kitchen :)


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