Monday, April 5, 2010

Quick Catch up

I know I need to post the rest of our park pictures. Pictures from Sophia in her pool. Pictures from Easter. There are many picture posts I need to catch up on.

But I thought I'd just post a little update. First, I feel really strongly about the cause I posted about this morning. And until the end of the month I'm going to keep reposting the link here and there so that if you haven't given yet you don't forget to!

Sophia is teething, not THAT bad yet. But I know it's coming. I can see the little white dot on her gums...oddly not a top tooth. It's another bottom tooth. My wee pun'kin. I am hoping that one tooth goes a little smoother than two teeth.

Sophia still hasn't offically started "crawling" but she moves. Boy does she move. And she CAN crawl. But it's not pretty and it's not as fast as her "scootch". So she just continues to take that method of transportation to get places. And by places I mean the tiles of the fire place, the lamp, the table. You know all the things I'd rather she not play with.

We're back to adjusting her food schedule. She gt to the point where she was needing MORE formula and she was back at the max formula she should be having for this age with solids. (34 oz a day!) Plus during her second solid she was wanting more and more and more. If I kept feeding her she'd eat 8 oz of solids! So we're adjusting things slightly. Adding in a lunch solids to see if that helps with the formula again. We're also trying to find a good way to get the juice she needs in her.

I haven't weighed her recently, but we just bought her "warm weather clothes". We bought a size 12-18 in Carters. Technically she still fits the 9-12 month clothes, but they are slightly snug so we know they won't last but maybe just a few more weeks. Hopefully these new clothes last for a while.

Ok tomorrow I'll try to get the pictures set up and ready to post. But it probably won't happen until tomorrow night.

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