Thursday, April 1, 2010

She has another story for you

Sophia loves to read. I should take more pictures of her with books. She's a talented reader. She can read books backwards, upside down, closed, makes no difference. She's just that smart and talented.

This book I bought for her when I was still pregnant. Before I ever knew if she was going to be a little gal or a little guy. And she loves it. No worrying about ripping pages or breaking hard covers. It's perfect for such a talented wee one.

(This is going to be one of those posts where to you it seems like a bunch of the same picture, but to me she's the smartest girl in the entire county--no COUNTRY--and so I see the difference in each one. :P )

I can see more of her red hair coming through in pictures now. I love it!

"open his arms and say I LOVE YOU"

"Mommy? What does the blank page mean?"

"I get it, I start again!"

"I think the book is better backwards."

"Funny Little Panda makes a funny face."

"Hey, we're back to that page with the I LOVE YOU"


  1. awww! Lucas has that same book and loves it, too!

  2. So, if those are knee socks from Target that you cut, I have the same pair for M :).


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