Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why can't I nap during the day!!!!

Can anyone actually take an afternoon nap after being "full speed ahead"? Anyone who is not pregnant? Anyone who has a constant to-do list running through their head?

The advice for the baby stage is "Sleep when your baby sleeps." which is good advice. It makes total sense anyways. And you repeat it to yourself for the first two months when your baby doesn't understand night time is for sleeping. And for a little can sleep. But then something happens. You return to the rest of man kind and realize that when the sun is up it's time to be awake. It is NOT time for napping. Too bad that your baby doesn't catch on to the 'nighttime is time to sleep' part of that equation.

And then when your sweet, beautiful, loving wee child is 8 months old....and you have a rough night of not a lot of sleep. You will yourself to nap when your baby naps. But you can't, because you're thinking about the company coming in for the weekend. Or the trip you're going to take in a few weeks. Or how fabulous Courtney Cox looks at her age after having a baby. (that last one could just be me, but I did watch Cougar Town last night-and I was hit by a twinge of jealousy)

After all of these thoughts have cycled...I feel myself slowly relaxing. And what do you know....Sophia wakes up. I bet that coffee and tea companys make a lot of revenue off of mothers (and fathers) of wee ones. It's the only way to fight the tired.

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