Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to know you're taking too many pictures.

When the batteries die in 3 weeks.


I didn't get many pictures today because the camera batteries died. Again. I can not WAIT to get a new camera (did you hear that Santa..momma wants a digital slr?!!!)

I did manage to take a few pictures before the blinking battery icon appeared to ruin the morning!!

Obviously the picture was cut short. Normally I get more pictures with out the pacifier. She just didn't want to do that this morning.

Anyhow, during football season Sundays normally include watching the game at Old Chicago. However, I just wasn't feeling up to it today. I wanted to stay home and relax. So Cody headed over to his brothers to watch a little bit of the game while the girls ran a couple of errands.

While I already miss the newborn stage of Sophia's life. I love love LOVE the fact that she can smile. It makes me so happy!! I love that when I sing and dance with her after diaper changes that I know she's enjoying it. I also love the fact that now I know when I need to step up my game and improve my skills. :-)

The DST sort of messed with our schedule tonight. We got her into the bath at 8, which would normally have been perfect except to poor Sophia it was 9. So by the time the bath was over, and she was all dressed in her PJ's she was beyond tired. Which makes turns our sweet little angel baby into fussy pants in no time at all!

Luckily she did eventually fall asleep and Cody and I had a little bit of time to watch some TV before he went to bed. I am actually soon to follow...since Sophia isn't aware that the time has changed I'm sure the need to eat will come an hour earlier by the clock!

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