Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's November!!

But we have to have another Halloween post. Because yesterday was Sophia's first Halloween!!
We dressed her up as a flower. We didn't want an overly elaborate costume (we're saving that for next year!). But we did want to dress her up for the day. I bought her costume more than a month ago. At the time I didn't know Sophia would be in 3-6 month clothes. And silly me went ahead and washed it (making it impossible to return!). So her costume was size 0-3! It was SMALL (seems to be a theme, which is why I won't be buying holiday attire that far in advance ever again!). But she was a champ. Our beautiful little flower:

Seeing as how she's far too young to "trick or treat", she didn't get to go do much in her costume. We did take her to run some errands, and to Uncle Cory's house for a little bit. Everyone thought she was the most beautiful little flower (seriously, don't take my word for her beauty, other people agree!!).

Here's a picture of her in her carseat ready for the world!

You may be wondering what in the world Cody and I were for Halloween. We didn't celebrate the day with a costume. Or at least I thought that. Until last night when I went to brush my teeth to get ready for bed.

Let me start off this short story by saying that I love my new hair cut. I love the way it looks, and I love how easy it is to style. But I hate how my hair get in my face during the day. I wish I could just pull it up in a pony tail and do what I need to do around the house. I sometimes have my sunglasses holding my hair back (like I have right this second actually). Well last night our friends (the Brokaw's) came over. We watched Saw and ate nacho's. I got tired of my hair and put a headband on. Now when I put it on it was semi cute like this:

It was serving it's purpose and being cute.

Well I guess I kept adjusting it. And fixing it. And I realized last night that I had dressed like a Mom from the 90's. All I was missing was "Mom Jeans" and a button up shirt tucked in. Because my headband went from the cute but purposeful headband to this:

So I guess I was wearing a costume, just not intentionally. I was a Mom of the 90's. Oh dear me!

I have one more picture to throw in here, because I know you all enjoy looking at my little chubstar in all of her chubby glory!! She loves to splash in the water, and I caught this adorable picture last night after she kicked the water and splashed me in the face!!

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