Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I just want to share...

I have taken a lot of pictures the past two days, but I haven't shared any. I'm so horrible I know!

The truth is I just figured out how to blur the background of pictures and so I've been playing around with background stuff. I found an online class that is an at your own pace class that will teach me how to do things with Photoshop. It'll be great to be able to actually do something with this program besides simply crop pictures! I haven't signed up for the class yet, but for anyone who may benefit this is the link.

I am supposed to be writing about my adventures in baby food making. But I just realized I took A LOT of pictures while I was making baby food and so that's going to have to wait until I'm a little more awake.

We had another night of cereal with a spoon vs. in the bottle. She's doing so good!! I didn't get any pictures this time because it was just the two of us here and I only have two hands (I know CRAZY!). I am shamelessly hoping that she gets a better nights sleep tonight than what she got last night. We both need sleep, neither one of us do well when we're tired. That's a trait she got from her Mommy for sure!

I also wanted to share another blog I stumbled across today. I have many crafty friends, and this site has TONS of great ideas!!! She even has recipes sprinkled in as well.

So I won't keep you all waiting any longer to see some pictures from yesterday and today.

The first two are from yesterday. You can see the fun personality she's forming. I love it!

I know, I know...you're heart is exploding into a million billion tiny pieces. She makes me feel that way all day long!

In this picture from this morning you can see what a sweet heart she is.

And here you can see that just a few seconds later she can be totally and completely fed up with pictures.

Alright well, tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday. So now that I've shared the past two days I'll be forced to share more tomorrow!! :-)

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