Thursday, November 5, 2009

On a day of great sadness.

I think Sophia is missing her daddy. During today's picture taking time I asked her to smile for Daddy and instead she gave me this:

It breaks your heart a little doesn't it?

This weekend will be busy! Tomorrow night we've got church group for the first time! We're both very excited about that. And then Saturday we've got a fall gift exchange event. Sophia always loves getting lots of attention from everyone.

Today was a horrible day for America. Today there was a shooting spree at Ft. Hood, TX. So many peoples lives have forever changed. You expect to worry about your soldier when he's gone. But you never think when he leaves for a briefing that you should be worried he may not come home. It is days like today that make the country reevaluate it's morals. At least you'd hope events like today would wake us up. Post 9/11 every one was about unity. About brotherhood. No one knew a stranger after the attacks that day. We were so unified that anyone you passed on the street you cared about. Things aren't like that anymore, after a couple of years our country pretty much went back to being self absorbed. I hope that if nothing else the horrible and senseless shooting in Texas will remind everyone that life is fragile. That we can't take a moment for granted. I can promise you there was a little more cuddling going on in the Chandler house. We should never need a reminder to keep our hearts open.

Because today has been a sad day I'm going to leave you with another picture.

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