Saturday, November 7, 2009

She's a stylin' little girl!

Sophia has some darn adorable clothes. Unfortunately she's growing so quickly that she isn't going to get to wear some things as much as I'd like. Today's outfit is one of those things. I wish she could wear this all winter. But the jeans are pretty much too small. The shirt is fitting just right (meaning soon it won't fit at all). Luckily the vest we may be able to get some wear out of until late December.

It's the cutest thing isn't it? Go ahead, admit it. She's totally the coolest kid in her adorable vest outfit!!

Today we had a busy day. We went to lunch with her little friend Natalee, Miss Amanda, and Maddie. We then headed over to Uncle Cory's fr a little while. We ended the day at a church group meeting. Sophia pretty much slept through the whole thing. Not shocking really. When we came home I decided to start some laundry, wash the bottles and get as much done as I could before she woke up and wanted out of her car seat. I got a good 30 minutes of cleaning in before she stirred. She ate, we talked for a while, took a couple pictures and now she's down for the night.

Tonight at church during song praise, I kept thinking of how much I've been blessed in my life. I do not deserve all that I've been given. He really has not only provided much more than I thought possible, but He's blessed me in so many ways. It's really difficult sometimes to grasp His will, to understand His forgiveness. But in some moments of stillness I can feel it. It's so real that you can almost reach out and touch it. He has blessed me, even though I don't always deserve it.

And just to show you how blessed I am. This little girl looks at me every day and thinks I'm the greatest thing ever. I can fix her hunger, I can make her dry when she is wet. I can sing to her and dance with her when she is bored. To her I am amazing. To me, she is a blessing.


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