Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall Gift Exchange.

Sophia and I had a great time at the gift exchange. Sophia loved all the attention she got. She also enjoyed looking around at a house. I think she's already bored with our home. :-)

We had a great time gabbing with the ladies! And the gift exchange was a major win! We got adorable place mats (even though my first gifts were all stolen!!). I stole the place mats in the beginning, so YAY for getting them back, it may be considered cheating, but the after party trade was totally worth it! I love them!

I took some pictures of Sophia before we went. I loved her outfit today. But when I was changing her into her PJ's I realized that the seam has already started to come apart. So I'll have to fix it. If not, sadly, this will be the last time she got to wear it! I'll come back in and edit this post to add pictures. after I get her to sleep!!

EDIT:Ok I can add some pictures now. First of all here's a picture of her in her outfit. I wish I would have gotten more pictures of her in it!

I know, the bib is really what makes it! I'm glad I found all the bibs for the outfits. Although I wish I would have remembered where I put them when she was wearing some of the outfits last month!

I have been meaning to post a picture of her memory board before I take all the cards down and put them in her book! This is only about 1/2 the cards. We are so grateful for the love and well wishes that were sent our way. Hopefully I'll get some pictures ordered soon (I guess it does no good to TAKE a billion pictures if you don't print any of them out!) so that I can put up some pictures of her on her board!

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog...I'm due with our little girl in 10 weeks. I can tell you just love being a mommy : ) The pictures of your little girl are darling!


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