Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today was Cody's birthday!

I am glad he got home in time to spend at least part of the day with us. I can tell he missed his little princess, the moment he came home he showered her with attention and love. She was only half awake, but gave him big smiles for all of his efforts. She loves her Daddy!!
I tried to take a cute picture of her for his birthday and we got some decent shots. She definitely lets me know when she's done taking pictures!

And by the time I got a sign printed out she was pretty much done!

I could have spent the afternoon finishing the laundry before Cody came home. But I could tell by the look in Sophia's eyes that she just wanted to cuddle. So we took an afternoon nap together. Normally I can't sleep during the day but today I was so tired! I decided last night that I was going to let Sophia sleep in the bed with me so I could do some things in her room after she went to sleep. This was perfectly fine with 3 week old Sophia (which is when we transitioned her from co-sleeping to crib sleeping---but don't worry there was no CIO or such happening!). But almost 13 week old Sophia is SO ACTIVE! She was kicking me and punching me in her sleep. I'd turn her so that she wasn't able to kick me, only to wake up an hour later to find her turned and kicking me in the arm. So I don't think the full night of co-sleeping will ever happen again. At least not if we can avoid it. I felt like the waking dead for most of the morning.

Sophia's new favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus". Well I'll be honest, it may be her favorite because it's the only one I can remember that we can be active with! I do all the movements with her legs and then her arms. She loves it she smiles so big and kicks and waves her arms trying to get it all working together.

Obviously when I've taken an afternoon nap I have more to write about. Odd how that works out. Hopefully the weather is good tomorrow. We have to go pick up her records at the old pedi's office, and go to change the forms with the insurance company for the new pedi. I've heard a lot of good things about the new doctors office, I'm so excited to take her here!!

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