Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Ugly Word of the Day: Constipation.

Poor poor Sophia. She's actually not ACTING miserable. You would think drinking anywhere from 42-48 oz of formula on any given day would mean that she'd be a pooping fool. She used to be very regular. (When she's older she's going to be so mad at me for discussing this publicly). But I have a point. Up until last week she was regular. Then something changed. And now she isn't. As I said she isn't ACTING miserable. But the tiny poops that I've gotten in the past days are not the poopy diapers that a child that eats as much as mine should have. And she doesn't even have those tiny ones daily.

Today we experimented with prune juice in the bottle. Everything I read made this seem like a sure fire way, she WOULD have a poopy diaper. But has she? No. Her 6 o'clock bottle had prune juice, and now her 1 am bottle has prune juice. I'm expecting a blow out of epic proportions at any moment. I'm armed and ready. I have two diapers next to me as she drinks this bottle. I've got a burp cloth covering my lap, and she's been wearing non-adorable clothes all day...just.in.case.

You may wonder why I'm even bothering if she hasn't been acting miserable. Well this is two fold. One, if it were me, I'd want someone to step in and help move things along prior to there being a big problem. Two, I don't WANT a screaming miserable baby. I would like to avoid that. So in an effort to make sure she's the happy, smiling, comfortable baby that she usually is...I'm striking early.

We have an appointment on Thursday anyways. But if by noon on Tuesday there hasn't been some major movement I'm calling.

So there are no adorable pictures today. Just picture the Stunning Sophia in a plain white onesie all day.

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