Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today we got to spend a day with our veteran.

Cody that is. We didn't do much but it was nice to have a day with him since his schedule has been sorta crazy lately.

Tomorrow Sophia will be 3 months old THREE MONTHS OLD. It actually makes my heart heavy to know that this time has gone by so quickly. When you're pregnant a trimester lasts forever, but when you have an "outside baby" the months fly by, it's difficult to even keep track of the weeks!!

We bought Sophia few 6-9 month outfits today. My scale at home still shows her at 16 pounds. We know that could be off a little. I hope for her sake she does plateau soon, I mean she has to eventually right?!

Tonight during our music time I pulled up old school theme songs on youtube and we danced to them. Cody told Sophia that they were "shows Mommy and Daddy grew up on." Wow, well if that doesn't make me feel old. I know HE just had a birthday this week, but why do you have to drag everyone else down the old tunnel? :) She enjoyed listening and dancing to DuckTales, Salute Your Shorts, & Animaniacs. It was fun. And a fun break from the music we have been listening too lately.

As I mentioned yesterday Sophia is having quite the attitude. Tonights bath didn't go much better than the one last night. I was forced to have Cody hold a bottle for her while I washed her. It was the only thing that calmed her. I feel like maybe her internal schedule is shifting. So I'm going to spend the upcoming days tinkering around with what time we do things like bath time. It could very well be that she just isn't in the mood at the time we're doing baths right now. So we'll see.

I realize I didn't post any pictures yesterday. But you remember I said Sophia was in quite the mood. Here's evidence. You can FEEL her attitude in this picture.

It makes me giggle. It's the things like that that I wish our family were closer to see. Her personality is SO STRONG. Not only does she have a very distinct attitude, but she's also quite the talker (I really have NO IDEA where this comes from!). But she just loves to gab away. Even if no one is around to hear her. Here she is in the middle of jabbering about her day.

And so that I've completely caught up on showing pictures off (if this was 1992 I'd be that annoying mother pulling out a photo album at the grocery store!)'s her new habit. She doesn't suck on them, she just noms on them ALL DAY LONG!

Ok I know you all have to take a break from looking at her beauty! :-)

Tomorrow we have a doctors appointment with her new pedi! I am pretty excited. I've heard good things about her, and this office. So I'm hoping for the best!!

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  1. I literally cannot stop laughing at the top picture of your little boxer. I love her!!


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