Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well that was different.

Tonight has been quite interesting. I am googling in a seperate tab if we're dealing with another wonder week. It sure FEELS like another one. She's fighting sleep. She's insanely happy for part of the day, and then absolutely miserable for other parts. Usually the parts where she's close to getting tired.

Ok well what do you know, week 12 is a wonder week. This makes total sense. Now. I was coming to write a long thing about how miserable she was during her bath tonight. I think now it's because she associates bath time with bed time. She normally LOVES bath time. She kicks and we play "this little piggy" and she is happy. Not tonight. Tonight she screamed until she was beat red. I picked her up and put her on my lap and finished washing her that way. By the time it was said and done I was soaked. She then fought sleep for a good 45 minutes.

But I get it now...this is pretty much exactly like what happened at 8 weeks. Boo to that! I'm looking forward to her "sunny week"!!!

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  1. You know...I should have thought to look up the wonder weeks! Here we are again fighting naps all day long and DUH it's week 12!! Sophia + Nathan= True Love Forever!!


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