Friday, December 11, 2009

It was a Ghostrider Christmas Party

I'll be honest....I didn't know what to expect. Having never been to one before and all. Next year will have a lot to live up to. First I can't even believe that we danced in front of everyone! I am beyond excited about my leopard print snuggie (with bonus reading light!). I am wearing it while I's so comfortable. And kid all you want....I asked for one for Christmas anyways! It'll be much easier to keep warm while holding/feeding/cuddling with Sophia. Since I can't very well completely cover her with a blanket!

I wish Cody could have been there tonight....I know he would have had a good time. Here are two pictures:
Here we are dancing, it's me, Lisa, Nicki and Heather:

And here we are in our ugly sweaters. It's Me, Lisa, Nicki, Ashly, Heather, Marsha and Ashley (I'm naming people off by memory, so it may not be in the right order)

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