Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sophia is FOUR months old.

I can't even believe it. Four months ago she was born and our lives were forever changed. She has grown and changed so much in the past four months. I look at her and I'm amazed by what she's accomplished in her short beautiful little life.

I weighed her today. I did it twice to be sure. Once she came in at 19 pounds, and the next time 19.5. Go ahead and take a moment to get past the shock. Of course this is unoffical as I'm not using any great technique to weigh her. She's my little chunky monkey...and I love it!

Because of her intake of formula, the pedi and I had already discussed starting Sophia with baby food at 4 basically today. I was playing it by ear. I don't want to rush her. If she took to it well...we'd go for it. If she wanted nothing to do with it..we'd wait. I also wanted to make sure she wasn't in a bad mood because I wanted this to be a fun experience for her. Her first ever REAL food was avocado's. Neither Cody nor I even like avocado's. But I had ready how they were full of good fats and tons of vitamins, and I knew that's exactly what she needed. Avocado's are also a great first food because they are soft (easy to make) and easy on their digestive system. I couldn't really tell if Sophia liked them or not. I was telling her what they were called and how if she liked them life would be much easier when she's older and goes to eat out at Mexican Restaurants. At the beginning she seemed to enjoy it. Over half the way through you could tell she was starting to have enough. Seriously it's all so new...I was NOT going to push her. When she was done we'd quit. She ate almost a whole ounce! At the first cry we stopped. I'm of course watching her closely for any reactions, and we'll try again tomorrow.

Feeding her the avocado's today made me realize that I'm very proud to be feeding her home made baby food. Not that there's anything wrong with jarred food. But I enjoy that she's eating food that doesn't have a ton of extra stuff in it. I like that it's something I have made for her. And I like that one day I can tell her about her fun first food that I don't even think you can buy in a jar!

I did get some pictures of Sophia today. But I am not going to post them until tomorrow. So you'll have to check back then. In the mean time I've got to search for a cookie recipe for a cookie exchange and I need to wrap some presents!

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