Monday, December 14, 2009

Ohhhh happy dayyyyy.....

Well Hols just wrote this blog about the things that make her happy. She got the idea from someone who may or may not have gotten the idea from someone else. Either way, she's asked me to do the same. So here I am. Trying to think about all the things that make me happy.

  • Sleep.
  • Sam's Laugh.
  • Sophia learning how to laugh.
  • Perfectly Sauced Pasta
  • Lists
  • Lots and lots of snow (when it comes quickly, I don't have to leave the house, and it all melts in 2 days!)
  • Presents. (and I'm not greedy, I like to give them too...but my primary love language IS gifts!)
  • Well written blogs (for the record I do not consider my blogs to be overly well written)
  • Homemade ice cream.
  • Long, super hot showers.
  • Long talks in the middle of the night.
  • Finding money in a jacket you haven 't worn since last year.
  • presents under the Christmas tree (ok so really I think next year I may wrap empty boxes and put them under the tree until there are presents to put under there!)
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Warm cookies with milk.
  • Shirts that are flattering on my just-had-a -baby body.
  • Hairspray (the movie, not the hair product)
Come to think of it, a lot of things make me happy. It's really all about finding the joy in everything around you.

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