Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Sophia Update

What is the difference between an avocado and a pear? Sophia actually likes pears. Pears are a total success. It's not even that her face is more relaxed with pears, but she ate an oz in about 7 minutes. I couldn't get it into her mouth fast enough. At first I was taking my time between each spoon of pears, and she would demand more with her "AH! AH! AH!"

I moved the food eating back an hour, from 5:30 to 4:30 because I think she takes to it a little better.

We will be trying avocado's again. I read to try a food a least 10 times before deciding that your child doesn't like it. It won't be the next thing we try, but it'll probably be right after that!

In other news....ALL the presents are wrapped. I am so excited about the present from Sophia to Cody. And I really want to show y'all, but if he get a wild hair and decides to check the blog...I don't want him to know. So you will just have to wait until after Christmas. It's one of the two great presents that I think are under the tree!!

Sophia and I are working on rolling over. During tummy time I lay with her and I help her. A couple months ago she rolled over a couple of times in one day. Not intentional...but it happened. Now she wants no part in it. She's ok with the view during tummy time, and the view she gets when I put her on her back..and she really doesn't seem interesting in the change of view happening at her control. She will learn quickly that where there's a will, there's a way. And momma's got a strong will! :-)

On the sleeping front, I am really feeling the desire to break her from the swaddle. But I love my sleep so much. And she's been fantastic about giving me lots of it most nights. I'm terrified of the process of breaking the swaddle. I invision her not wanting to go to sleep, and not wanting to stay asleep. As it stands now, when she breaks free of the swaddle, she wakes up. So I can't imagine she's going to be one of those babies that take to sleep unswaddled with no issues. So if anyone has any ideas besides one arm at a time....please let me know!!!

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  1. Maybe it's the process of fighting out of the swaddle that wakes her up. She seems like a great little self-soother. I say, this weekend, quit cold turkey. Get her a nice, warm, cozy sleep sack and put her down in that. I was surprised when we did this to Nathan, he ended up sleeping the same. He actually goes down better now because he isn't trying to Houdini his way Good luck!


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