Saturday, December 19, 2009

18 weeks (late!)

Age - 18 Weeks

Weight - Alright, so seriously. I weighed her last night and I swear it came out to be 20.5 pounds. I am not feeding her fertilizer. I don't know why she's such a chunky monkey!!

Height - I would guess she's really long, but I missed the pedi appointment so we won't know until the 28th. :-)

Sleeping habit - She sleeps some nights for a straight 10 hours, other nights she sleeps for about 6 hours, eats, and then wakes up again for the day around 8-10ish.

Eating habits - Well we tried avocado's last week, and that didn't go over to well. But now we're on to pears and she loves pears. Three nights in a row now and she eats her oz of pears with cereal like it's no one's business.

Cutest Moment of the Week - Laughing. She like throws her whole body into the laughs. And then startles herself. It's hilarious. Here's a video.

Milestones - Oh my! She rolled over twice in a row yesterday. I had her on her belly while I went to make a bottle (on the floor of course, because you can't fall off the floor-seriously, they tell you that). And I look over and she's on her back talking. SO I go and flip her over again, and go back in the kitchen and watch....and FLIP! I will keep working with her, but I think she's going to be a rolling pro very very shortly.

Firsts - Real Food

*I missed last weeks pedi appointment. I own it, it was my fault for making a morning appointment. We rescheduled for the 28th. I will have a confirmation on her weight and info on her length at that time.

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