Thursday, December 10, 2009


I feel like I have so much I want to say. I walk around all day going "I should blog about this..." but by the time bed time for Sophia comes around....I don't want to do anything but drink a coke (which we have none of) and watch some TV on Hulu (GLEE is on there right now, it's taking me a lot of self control NOT to watch that vs. blogging!).

I need to do Wordless Wednesday (yet again, LATE because I forgot what day it was until today). I need to do the weekly check in. I need to blog about .... well now I can't even remember.

I will say that taking care of Sophia with out Cody is chaotic. The entire day I feel like I'm trying to keep up with feedings, making sure that I'm doing something to stimulate her, giving her time to play alone, making sure she's not getting overly stimulated, and changing her. Then I realize it's 6 pm. Which means one more bottle, bath time, bonding, and bed. And the day is done. The good thing about him not being here right now is I don't have to add making dinner in there. You see I can live off of a bowl of cereal or grits or whatever....he can not.

This week I went out and bought Sophia some new clothes. Something that I used to take my time doing....picking out the perfect outfits is totally different now. Now it's about needs. She needs something to keep her warm. This item must not be super tight against her big ol' belly, and her rolly polly arms and legs. It needs to be long enough so it doesn't pull down at the neck line. The sleeves need not be 3/4 sleeves. Basically now every time I shop for her it's because she's outgrown things. She's outgrowing things at such a fast pace that as I pack away her 3-6 month clothes I'm again so very sad. I'm sad that there are some cute outfits I didn't get a picture of her wearing. I'm sad that there were outfits that her Daddy picked out special for her that she didn't get to wear very much. I am even more set against selling her clothes because we didn't get the wear out of them that most babies get out of their clothes. So I figure with the chances of having another girl pretty high, it makes more sense to keep it all. For next time......Oy....I'm really not THAT ready to think about "next time".

I realize that there were blogs I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about the must have items that Sophia has. And the things I felt we needed and never used or barely used. I wanted to write a whole blog about baby food making (I even took tons of pictures last time!). I have been meaning to write about the things I really want Sophia to experience that I didn't growing up....I figure if I write about it, I'm more likely to follow through, no matter how inconvenient it may be. Before Cody comes back I will write about these things. I really started this with the idea of writing every day. I miss's my favorite thing about going to school. But things get busy and sometimes this blog takes a back burner. I will try to be better.

I'm leaving you with this....she only really does this at night. During the day when she eats she's trying to grab her feet while she eats, or the string on my hoodie, or grabbing her two hands together. But her last bottle of the night she always does this (pardon the bad quality of the picture, trying to take it while feeding her was quite difficult, also pardon the unkeptness of my nails...remember I have an ALMOST four month old!!) and it totally and completely makes any of the days activities totally worth it. You can't be in a bad mood when you feel so so needed.

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