Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Size Three

That's what size diapers I bought for Sophia yesterday. They say 16-24 pounds (I think, don't quote me on that). I remember when I looked at the package of size 2 diapers thinking "Ohhhhh, this says 18 pounds, we'll be in these for a long time!" False. But this time I expect we'll be in THESE for a long time. There are a few things to note about size 3 diapers. (yes this whole post is going to be about diapers, get over it!) FIrst is that they are no long the little snugglers or whatever they were called before. These are for "movers". Um Movers. These diapers were intended for babies who were crawling. Who were cruising. Not for my little not-quite-four-month-old who can sit up on her own but that's her biggest big-girl move. My little chubstar is getting big ya'll. Of course I know that when the crawling does start the chub will star to vanish. It's because of that logic that I think that she will be in size 3's for a long time. Hopefully. The other thing of change between the size NB-2 and these size 3 diapers is that they aren't so baby-ish. They Sesame Street characters are a little more toddler looking than baby looking, and the colors are a little brighter. Just goes to show they didn't intend for my wee one to be wearing them. lol.

Here's the things about clothes and diapers. They don't allow you to live in denial. You can live in a little bubble that says your baby is going to stay your small little baby forever. Because eventually they don't fit. The onesies will start pulling down at the neck....the pants will push in the belly in a strange way....the arms of jammies will be so tight that you can see the rolls with the shirt. With diapers....well that's really unavoidable. They start to fill up with night time, they have more leaks, and the obvious sign is when you can see the top of her booty over the top of the diaper. Yes, reality. My daughter is growing. I can do nothing to stop it!

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