Monday, January 18, 2010

Has it been four days?

The four day weekend is coming to a close, it's been a busy four days. Cleaning, packing, running to the mortgage company, running to the Realtor, watching some TV, and hanging out in general. WHEW.

The update to the house goes like this: We are closer than we were on Thursday. :-) We had the inspection at the new house on Friday. It went REALLY well. We also met the current owners and really like them. It helped us feel more comfortable with the house and they told us a lot of things about the house that we probably wouldn't have known. While it may not be common to meet the owners before closing, I'm really glad that we got the chance to!

As I said the inspection went really well, nothing major with the house. The inspector himself was really great. And now that he's inspected the house if we need anything ever when it comes to the house we can call him and he'll come out and look at something or advice us on what to do free of charge. Which may be something all inspectors do, we aren't really sure.

All the paperwork is where it needs to be, and now we're just pricing insurance. Which is a little stressful, but we have a couple weeks, and we're sure we'll find something that works between now and then.

I did take lots of new pictures of the house, and slowly but surely they are getting added to the website I set up just for our house projects (to keep from cluttering this site with that sort of stuff). It's a slow process because I am going through each room to show you what it currently looks like and what we have in mind for the rooms. I am also trying to not post any of their personal pictures and stuff, since this is a public blog and it's not their public blog. So far I've only really gone over what will be the guest room. If you look over there you're going to see after the most recent post it's sort of a mess. I was setting up the tabs along the top of the page and I had to make posts to go with them. So just ignore all of that! :-)

Besides insurance we're just waiting for the appraisal to be done and packing up a little bit of stuff as we go along. I will do my best to keep everyone updated as we get closer. I am not officially giving out the address until we've closed, but after we've closed and we're all moved in I will be sure to share that information with everyone (probably not here!).

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