Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sophia's new favorite food.

You may remember that a few weeks ago I tried out banana's. I didn't think she was a fan. She just wasn't getting it. Well I think that I need to actually puree the banana instead of just mushing it up. I bought her a thing of banana baby food (I'm not on the all or nothing train of baby food making, jarred food isn't the devil....I just prefer she eat homemade food). Anyhow, so I bought her a thing to see if it was the consistency that was a problem.

She LOVES banana's. She eats them faster than any other foods, and she has her mouth open wanting more and more and more and more. She screeches when I walk away after she's done with it, because she knows that means she's done and there are no more.

This week we also introduced oatmeal. I could tell she wasn't a big fan of the rice cereal. I picked up some oatmeal just to give it a try....and I think we may never use rice cereal again. She really enjoys it, and I can't really blame her. It smells like it has to taste better!

This week we've also tried carrots...what.a.mess. I decided not to homemake carrots even though there's information out there saying that as long as you don't reuse the water that you steamed it in, you will be ok. I got a message from a friend this week saying her pedi told her something completely different. I thought it over, did some more reading...and why take the chance (as small as it may be). We can't be sure if she liked the carrots. She's only had it once, and it takes her two days to decide if she even likes something. So I'm sure in a few days we will know for sure!

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