Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is the behind the scenes look....

I know I have been behind on the Sophia pictures. Things around the Chandler house have been busy. We've been looking for a house. Which, lets be honest, isn't that easy for two hard headed people like Cody and myself. We both have strong ideas about what we want, and while we both have the right idea in mind...we bump heads about the details a lot.

First we were looking to just buy....and everything we found was horribly taken care of (A common theme for this area from what we've learned). After that we decided to build. But after talking those details over with two people a little (ok a lot) more experienced we realized that the time frame would set us back and all of this area's new constuction is all "ticky tacky and they all look just the same" (name that show and you get a fake cookie!) Not to mention the details of trying to build anything we actually wanted cost us more than we would make if I had two husbands! So back to the idea board. We looked at newer construction, came back with the same results as if we were to build, with the added bonus of seeing what horrible work they are doing trying to get houses up here as fast as possible. We kept looking. Kept tossing around ideas....we found some more houses we'd like to take a look at and set up the appointment with the realtor.

And then we found it. Cody gets the credit for this find. I have no idea how my endless online searches of real estate never brought us to this house. But as I was getting ready to meet with our realtor Cody calls me into the living room to look at this house. It checks off 90% of the things we wanted and 100% of the things we felt like our house had to have. It has more room than any other house we've looked at. It has one more bathroom than any house we'd looked at. Was it too good to be true? Were we going to look at it and realize two chain smokers smoked inside the house every day for five years? Were we going to get there and find knife holes in the walls? Were we going to get there and see a huge mess left by someone who wanted to get out fast due to a foreclosure? (these are all things we HAD already seen, and that's skipping the house of the recent bachelor that lived in such clutter and mess that I needed to shower when we walked out of the house)

We pull up catious of having our hopes up. But they weren't y'all. They weren't at all. It was amazing. Two good sized kids rooms (which is SO uncommon for this area). A decent kitchen (nothing amazing, but it wasn't a closet sized kitchen so I liked it). Great closets through out. The basement has been remodeled, and they had made two bedrooms and added a bathroom. The master bed room would actually be big enough for a larger bed (which we've been wanting badly) and while the master bathroom needs some updating....we can work with it!

So....this brings me to the second new thing I've done so far in 2010.

We put an offer on a house!

We're expecting a counter offer. But we're praying. It's not in our hands. We know how far we can budge....so hopefully it all works out the way it's supposed to! And trust me, the moment we have more information, so will you!

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