Friday, January 1, 2010

How is wee Sophia these days?

You may be wanting a Sophia update. Since I didn't do one after her appointment last week. And with the holidays I didn't really write as much as I normally do.

Sophia is pretty much great. She didn't gain quite as much weight as we thought, she's still pushing 19 pounds. She's 26 and a half inches long. You may be wondering why she didn't grow much. Well I had the length wrong before, she was 25 inches long. I think it started off as a typo that just kept going. Oops.

Either way she's still hanging out in the 105th percentile. But the doctor isn't concerned because she's growing with the curve, just above it.

What I really want to talk about is sophia's HILARIOUS personality. It has REALLY come out lately. The girl LOVES to laugh. And she loves to trick people. We call her the pterodactyl now because she screaches and then laughes or blows raspberries in the air afterward. (I want to admit, I had to look up how to spell pterodactyl, because it seems like it would be spelled taradactile...but it's not). She does this silent laugh with her mouth wide open and her eyes squeezed shut, she kicks and flails her arms. She finds so much to be happy about. I love it!

We've been trying food as I've posted before. We've been through Pears, Avocados, Bananas, and Squash. She wasn't a big fan of the avocados or bananas, but I'm thinking it may be the consistency. She loves pears and I'm thinking she may be ready to have more than just an oz because she seems very disappointed when they are gone and she has to have a bottle.

She has learned to roll every which way. Which means she's waking herself up in her sleep more, and becoming even more of a daredevil. Now she has it in her mind to roll over in the bath. The first time she did it I almost cried. Half of her head was in the water and it felt like slow motion pulling her out of the water completely. We've decided it's time for a better tub for her, this week she'll probably be trying out the blow up tub.

We received a camcorder as a Christmas gift, so I plan on taping her a lot more. Every week I'll add a video on with the pictures of Wordless Wednesday. I can't promise that they will all be really interesting, but hopefully I'll be able to catch her personality for you all a little more.

More than anything I want to prove to you that she was a flying dinosaur in a previous life.

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