Friday, January 1, 2010

Two Thousand and Ten

I am looking forward to this year. To seeing what fun adventures are coming our way. This time in 2009 we were preparing ourselves for a baby....praying every morning and night for her healthy growth and that I would be able to keep her safe until she was ready for the world. And I think I did a pretty good job.

This year we on our way to owning our first home!

I have no doubts that 2010 will be a year we will always remember. As we make our first home together, a home that we own, I am excited, nervous, cautious, hopeful, and just plain HAPPY!

The rest of the blogging world did a review of 2009. I'm not going to put anyone through that since I spent most of the year pregnant. I spent a couple months in zombie mode because I wasn't sleeping. And I've spent the last two months or so blogging consistently enough for you to get a good idea of what our life is like here.

I will do the typical listing of my new years resolutions:

I am going to try to cook one thing I've never made before a week. That's a minimum of 52 new recipes this year.

I am going to try to do one new thing a week. Meaning 52 new things this year.

And as so many people before me have said, I am going to try to be a better person. More patient. More kind. I am going to listen more. And support more.

*Just to update after this there will be a thread a week about how I'm doing with my new years resolutions.

**I've already done something new: I got my eyebrows threaded today. Which was pretty painful (I don't care who says it's not). But they look pretty awesome!


  1. I too will be attempting 52 new recipes this year.

    Do feel free to pop by my blog and say h


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