Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekends are not for blogging.

I have great pictures of Sophia to share. A blog to write about the new thing I did in the first full week of 2010 and the new recipe I did. I also have a billion trillion gazillion ideas for the house that I'm bursting at the seems with (I really need to make a list, a long list, a color coded long list, a color coded long list on note cards, a color coded long list on note cards organized by importance). But because making a list is time consuming (I spent over an hour making a list of what we needed to do in the house before we moved in (including going in very soon to take measurements of all the windows, the dimensions of the soon to be craft/office room, and a bunch of other things that will all be worked on and hopefully completed by the end of the summer)).

I decided today to start a home blog. Charmingly Chandler will be about us, as a family, and will undoubtedly still include "home" things. But we are going to have another one, one focused completely on making our first house as homeowners into a home. The Chandler home. It will include the DIY projects I'm excited to do, it will include the projects we're not dumb brave enough to take on ourselves. Don't worry it won't be just Cody and Alena renovating and redesigning the house...we will have help. After all what are friends for right?

I am going to start up the blog this week. But obviously don't expect much in the way of activity. I am going to post some pictures there of the house from the online listing, and hopefully we're going to go back and look at the house this week and take some more pictures (for planning purposes, and for y'all to see!) I will be passing along some DIY blogs that I'm already addicted to and totally in love with. And share the ideas and the plans for the house that we've already decided on.

So a lot coming up. I will have a link to that blog on the side of the page for those that want to mosey over there when it's up and running (And pretty, because I can't have an ugly blog y'all!!)

But as I was saying, weekends are not for blogging. Weekends are family days and we stay so busy (and yes, reading design and DIY blogs is "busy"). I find much relief in Mondays (unlike those of you who work at paying jobs!) because on Mondays Sophia and I can hang out in our jammies and cuddle and play.

I will do better this coming week about blogging, since this coming week we won't be in a state of limbo about the house. :-)

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