Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thing 1 and Thing 2

What an eventful day at the Chandler Casa. First of all, Operation Phase out Swing is going splendidly! She hasn't hung out in the swing once today. She's taken three naps on the floor. Two of which she put herself to sleep. She slightly fusses (and I think it's because of Thing 2 that I'll get to shortly), and seconds later she's sleeping. She's actually been sleeping through her second solid meal of the day. But that's ok. I'm not pushing solids on a schedule. The one serving already cuts out a bottle. And I have figured out that she needs roughly 35 oz to sleep well at night (she still wakes up once to eat, which that's calculated in the 35 oz). If she misses a bottle she's up 3 or more times at night. So I feel like her getting what she needs from her bottles is just as important (if not more important) than her solids. So we do solids in the morning, and if we get to do dinner...then good. If not...no biggie.

And right now, when she would be eating solids, she's sleeping. She looks like an angel when she sleeps. She looks like an angel all the time, but usually the active, full of energy, want-to-snatch-your-glasses sort of angel. When she sleeps she is so peaceful. Heart.Melt.

Alright the next thing for today, besides the swingless day we've had so far, is she is making crawling progress. A few weeks ago I told my friend Brandi that I wasn't really thinking we were all that close. Her son had started crawling quickly one day. All of a sudden he was mobile. At the time Sophia was showing no signs of wanting to move in the forward direction (or in the backwards direction for that matter). She was ok with rolling left and right. But last week I realized she wasn't as content with that. She makes noise when toys are in a direction she can't get to. She was frustrated. And it's usually out of frustration that we push ourselves to do more, to be more. She wants to do more, she wants to crawl. She wants to be a crawler. I could do with her not actually mastering this for a month. One month to move into our house. I'd prefer to baby proof all at once, as I'm unpacking. Not attempt to do it here and shortly redo it all in a new home. Plus moving with a mobile baby--challenging to say the least.

I know you want to be bombarded with pictures.
*I am trying something new with the pictures. You'll have to let me know if you like it or want me to go back to the old way!
**Figuring this out was a mess. I may have some gray hair now. Geez oh pete! Now lets just hope it looks like what I want it to look like when I hit "publish"

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