Monday, February 1, 2010

We're trying it.

A sippy cup that is. I was originally planning on skipping the sippy cup. Go to the strawed cups. And have one less thing to have to wean her off of in the future. However, Mrs. Emily (our pedi) suggested that we introduce water to Sophia's diet at 6 months. Sophia is starting to slow down on her rapid weight gain, and I'm thinking we're finally reaching the platue of her weight (she's still growing, and I imagine towards the end of the month we'll be taking a trip to Carters for some new clothes in the next size (and she'll need 2 piece pj's in 12-18 months, her current 9-12 month 2 piece pj's are SKIN TIGHT!).

Back to the sippy cup. We talked it over again at her last appointment and decided we'd start with watered down apple juice. But we didn't want to start her on a habit of having that taste come out of a bottle. It would just always cause her to associate juice and water from a bottle. And we want her to learn to use a cup instead. We got her a sippy cup with handles, and all. And she is SO CONFUSED. She can hold on to it, it of course goes to her mouth like everything else. But that's abotu where the adventure of the sippy cup is ending.

We are in no rush. She'll figure it out. And I can imagine the first time she gets something out of it...her face will be priceless!


  1. We use the Nuby 1st sippy cup.(For 6 months+) Sweet cheeks LOVES it. He kicks his feet when he sees it.

    Yay for a new Sophia milestone! :)

  2. Wow...I'm looking forward to that. Well not really cause then that would mean he's getting older...but you know what I mean. Hopefully things go smoothly!

  3. We used water in the avent sippy cup. It took Olivia awhile to get adjusted we even helped her a few times but she caught on. Then we left a sippy cup of water out for her at all times so she could drink when thirsty. The day she turned one we took all bottles away and she transitioned with no problem. But every baby is different because Alex fought with a sippy cup and hated water. LOL good luck any transition is confusing for our wee ones


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