Sunday, March 7, 2010

Checking in real quick!

It's been a crazy week. Cody heads back to work tomorrow and Sophia and I will try to get back into a schedule. We are unpacked. Ok well, there are about 5 boxes packed still. With DVD's and craft items (things we don't NEED or really want unpacked now). It's a great feeling to be able to walk in and sit down. For a month or so now there's always been that feeling of "I should be doing SOMETHING" but now...I get to do nothing but write this blog and watch the Oscars (In HD it's more overwhelmingly obvious that these women are wearing WAY too much make up! (Oh and we have cable for the first time in a year! YAY!)).

Sophia is doing well in her new room. I am IN LOVE with the color. I never really knew how much I was missing out, settling on a different color that I liked meant that it never felt JUST SO. But this color is just what I wanted for her. I can't wait to get into decorating it. It's going to be amazing!

She's growing so much and just taking our breath away all the time. In the past week Cody has gotten to play and relax and hang out with her and I think it's really helped their relationship grow. He's found her tickle spot (that I still haven't found) and he can make her giggle for hours.

I can't wait to get back into posting here and updating y'all on what's going on here daily. I will be back to posting more pictures and babbling about the things that are on my mind!

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