Monday, March 8, 2010

Sophia likes food!

I thought it was about time I gave a run down of all the foods Sophia likes, and the one that just didn't make the cut. I do still make a lot of Sophia's food, but there are some things I've given her from Gerber because it wasn't in season (and so what was available looked disgusting) or because if she didn't like it homemade I gave it a shot premade. In 2 cases it was a consistency issue and she actually loves the food. So when making baby food (or if you aren't making it) I would try the food a different way if you think your baby doesn't like it. It could just be the consistency they aren't fond of.


Green Beans
Acorn Squash
Sweet Potatoes

This past week I've added yogurt to a few of the fruits and she loves it! It was a good addition for her.

She's also taken to oatmeal, but prefers it mixed with Apples.

She does not like avocado's. It's been the one thing that she just doesn't want anything to do with. And I'd say that's pretty good!!

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